Flexibility of ProImage NewsWay Workflow Solution

appeals to Concord Monitor



Princeton, NJ (11th of May, 2016) – Speed, efficiency and flexibility were the key features of ProImage NewsWay Production Workflow System that appealed to the decision makers at the Concord Monitor in Concord, NH. Hence ProImage’s popular production workflow system has been purchased and installed by yet another satisfied customer in the newspaper industry.


The Concord Monitor prints numerous daily, weekly and seasonal commercial newspapers, magazines, catalogs and preprints and spurs a circulation of 12,500 daily and 14,500 Sunday for their own paper. With such a variety of products NewsWay allows them to centralize tracking of page/plate status and to critically review RIPed pages prior to CTP. This results in streamlined impositioning, publication planning and softproof/review of ‘real’ RIPed pages.

Because of NewsWay’s exceptional flexibility, Concord’s production team uses NewsWay for a multitude of production specific tasks such as integration of the Pitstop Server for Preflighting and down sampling PDFs, tab and mini-tab/4-up impositions, page size normalizations for their various publications and scenarios. This comes especially handy for accepting new customers who don’t want to change their design dimensions for Concord’s web widths & cutoffs. In addition, Concord can retrieve jobs automatically from a variety of locations via FTP since NewsWay automatically pulls these jobs into their workflow and makes them available via Windows-based networking. Proofs of Ripped pages can be sent to Windows printers and varying page and plate approval settings by publications are possible. A high-resolution preview assists with CTP setup and quality control.


ProImage’s customer service and technical support team has been praised for their prompt replies, responsiveness and flexibility. This was especially evident during the transition from producing film on old Prepress PantherPro/36 imagesetters to CTP via BasysPrint UV Setters, and the editorial system migration from NewsCycle/DTI Content Publisher to Miles33 GN4.

Ben Allen, IT Manager for Concord Monitor states: “NewsWay has become an essential time saver to accommodate all our quick turn-around for commercial customers. We will be testing remote production and TIFF delivery for a sister paper soon, and anticipate going live shortly thereafter.”


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