NewsWayX Impose - an advanced imposition engine


ProImage’s NewsWayX Impose Server is an advanced imposition engine that features many productive imposition functions and capabilities.


Whatever the needs of imposition, from simple text burning and overlaying of multiple images to the most complex plate-making requirements, ProImage’s NewsWayX Impose Server is the best tool for imposition. Integrated with NewsWayX Edition Planning, this simple-to-use tool can automate your entire production process, with no operator intervention what so ever.


Main Benefits

  • Enables to impose raster images to final bitmap flats.
  • Makes late page replacements a simple matter, eliminating the need for re-RIPing entire flats.
  • Stitches together any two or more elements based on a set of instructions that may be imported from a third-party layout system or assembles pages into flats interactively using a low-resolution version of the mages and the NewsWayX plate wizard.
  • Offers a wide range of functions and capabilities, in both bitmap and PDF formats:
    • Overlay of multiple files
    • Overlay of furniture, color and gray bars on final flats
    •  Automated masking of unwanted image areas
    • Inserts variable or fixed text on predefined areas of images
    •  Fan-out compensation and barcode stitching


NewsWayX Main Features and Benefits