NewsWayX Imaging Server - Robust output management including intelligent multiplexing


ProImage’s NewsWayX Imaging Server offers a complete output management solution that maximizes productivity and reduces time.


Managing expensive resources efficiently is key to lower capital costs and higher efficiency. In today’s highly competitive world, this can mean additional profit margins or lower prices that will win you that valuable contract you’ve been after.


The imaging server drives the most popular film and platesetters (of which a detailed list is available from ProImage). As a member of the NewsWayX family, the imaging server also incorporates many of the popular features of the solution such as total visibility across the enterprise, simple drag-and-drop operation and fast, robust performance.


Driven by the NewsWayX load balancing feature, the imaging server queues jobs to available resources thus managing multiple image setters most efficiently without manual intervention.


The NewsWayX imaging server takes into account color separation locking globally or section by section. You can also enable or disable locking features, for example in environments where imagesetter accuracy is within tolerance and does not need locking. ProImage’s NewsWayX imaging server will also drive mixed imagesetter environments, for example to three filmsetters and two platesetter devices with the system automatically assigning jobs to the appropriate device.


NewsWayX Main Features and Benefits