ProImage SaaS ink optimization increases quality and reduces production cost for GreenCross, Inc.




Princeton, NJ – (4th September 2013):   GreenCross, Inc. of Albermarle, North Carolina, specializes in producing rapid, cost-effective and high quality newspaper inserts and direct mail.  It produces approximately 60,000 impressions per day of mainly two to four processed pages in full color.


When talking about their use of the ProImage ink optimization service, Paul Barker - Pressroom Manager, GreenCross, Inc. stated, “After testing the processed files we found a significant increase in print quality and a reduction in ink used.


“We would highly recommend this to everyone.”


OnColor ECO Software as a Service enables you to process color pages over the Web without having to purchase the OnColor ECO software application.  The ProImage website is currently offering free online trials. (See:


There are no long-term commitments. Customers are charged by the number of files submitted with no strings attached. The financial and quality benefits are immediate. 

“There is no down-side,” says Rick Shafranek, VP Sales and Marketing, New ProImage America, Inc.  “After testing you will find that the ProImage OnColor ECO SaaS service in the Cloud does exactly as stated.  It improves print quality and, by reducing color ink consumption, saves money – and you pay only as you save!”




Rick Shafranek, Vice President Sales and Marketing

New ProImage. America, Inc..


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