ProImage’s popular Ink Savings Solution OnColor ECO gets thumbs up

Princeton, NJ (6th of March 2017) – OnColor ECO SaaS continues to be a popular choice among newspapers - with the Albert Lea Tribune, Albert Lea, MN, being the latest to purchase the well-liked ink saving solution from ProImage.


The Albert Lea Tribune, part of Boone Newspapers, Inc., installed the cloud-based software application less than 2 months ago, with the primary goal to improve their print quality. Even though it is too early for them to determine monthly financial ink savings, they instantly noticed a decrease in color ink, less ink rub off and improvement of print quality. They run about 6 – 10 pages through the ink saving software each day.


OnColor ECO partially replaces cyan, magenta, and yellow colors in an image with black without compromising sharpness or quality. The conversion process reduces the overall ink volume required for printing. Cost reduction is achieved by both reducing the volume of the expensive color inks and replacing them with less expensive black ink, thus reducing the overall volume of inks used.


Albert Lea Tribune has other ProImage software as well and OnColor ECO integrates seamlessly with it. As with many other newspaper clients, ProImage tech supports gets complimented on the quick and easy setup of the ECO SaaS, and Terry Thissen, Production Director of the Albert Lea Tribune, praises the efficient set-up: “The process took a few minutes to configure.” When asked about the major benefits of ECO, Mr. Thissen states ‘the sharper print quality’ and ‘ease of use’.


About The Albert Lea Tribune

The Albert Lea Tribune was founded in 1897 and covers Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa with a daily circulation of 4,500/Sunday 7,500. Our staff produces a daily newspaper, a round-the-clock news website, a magazine and several special sections. In recent years, the company has won several awards for news, commentary, advertising, photography and multimedia content in contests against much larger newspapers.


About ProImage

New ProImage is a leading developer of browser-based content management, digital workflow, ink optimization, tablet and mobile solutions, color image processing and production tracking solutions for the commercial and newspaper printing and publishing industries. Our solutions enable publishers, which have been dramatically affected by the rapid growth of digital publishing to remain competitive in today's economic climate.




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