NW Shuttle+ - Customer collaboration resulting in savings of costs and time


Today newspaper printing operations need to rely on contract printing more than ever.  The changes in the newspaper industry make it imperative that the printing plants are used in an efficient manner and press utilization is maximized.  This is achieved through printing as many titles as possible under contract.  However, as the number of contract titles increases it becomes essential to manage the page flow from the content provider in order to meet tight deadlines and avoid costly mistakes that could easily end up in loss of revenue and valuable time. 


When you have multiple contract customers who provide content, NW Shuttle+ solution is there to manage the process in the most efficient way.  It enables the printer to automatically communicate with its contract customers, enabling the customer to upload pages; view, check and approve processed pages or plates and immediately spot any problems.  Moreover NW Shuttle+ ensures that all pages that are uploaded are correctly named so that there are no mistakes in page positions and there are no missing pages.  All resulting in jobs produced within the deadline and without any errors.


NW Shuttle+ is user friendly and easy to use.  It utilises the Browser based user interface of NewsWayX.  The users are able to interact with NW Shuttle+ using any of the popular Web Browsers; relevant product plans are automatically imported and visible to the customer.  The publishers/users can upload files by dragging and dropping and the files are automatically entered into the workflow; making the entire process fully automatic. 


NW Shuttle+ not only facilitates the correct uploading of pages to the Production Servers but also ensures that the contract printing customer takes full responsibility of the final product by requiring the customer to approve their pages or plates post RIP, before they go to press.  Moreover NW Shuttle+ has the option of allowing the publisher to plan products and submit those plans to the Production Servers and interface with your ERP systems to make managing of contract jobs even easier.


NW Shuttle+ does not compromise the security of your Production Servers by ensuring that all customer operations are carried out on a server that is outside your firewall and no users outside your Local Area Network can reach your Production Servers. 


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