NewsWayX Planner - The ultimate tool for full automation


Full automation starts here…


ProImage’s NewsWayX Planner is a module that allows full automation in any publishing enterprise that uses the NewsWayX workflow. With ProImage’s NewsWayX Planner, you can plan an edition fully or import plans from a third-party planning system.

The module can also be customized to work with home-grown databases, custom systems or external planning software such as Editorial Planning or Press Management systems , and does no require changes to existing workflow.



Plan to succeed with ProImage’s NewsWayX powerful workflow automation solutions!

Whether working in a single site or in a multisite environment, the NewsWayX Planner is an essential element of an automated workflow.Through information gathered via the planner, NewsWayX can automatically handle production and distribution of multi-element pages as and when required.


Once an edition plan is entered or imported using ProImage’s NewsWayX Planner, the platform will generate the appropriate edition views, enabling users to track the progress of different products through workflows.



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