NewsWayX SoftProof - Calibrated soft proofing for accurate color


Running on ProImage’s NewsWayX field-proven platform, the Proof Server provides users with instant soft proofs and edition-tracking capabilities that save time and money. Because NewsWayX is web-based, soft proofs are available throughout a local or wide area network (LAN or WAN), or even over the Internet – all without having to install dedicated workstations.


The capability to publish proofs to authorized users over the Internet enables publishers to instantaneously share proofs with customers and printers.


The NewsWayX Proof Server provides color-balanced screen proofs, even emulating the color of the stock on which the job is to be printed, and can be installed to run in parallel with existing production systems.


How it Works

Proofs are automatically generated for each individual separation, as they become available in the production stream, even before they are outputted through an output device. When all separations are available, a 4color

composite proof is generated automatically – all individual proofs of single colors and the combined 4color

proof are all available on the fly. Users can also zoom in to a specific area to see the dot structure or the rosettes that form the page.



The NewsWayX Proof Server is very cost-effective in editorial, prepress and press environments where checking pages for placement (postRIP) and content, as well as color matching, have reduced errors while saving valuable time and money.


NewsWayX Main Features and Benefits