NewsWayX InkControl


NewsWayX InkControl for ink saving - Automatic generation of ink setup information


Savings in cost and ROI are the foundation of ProImage’s NewsWayX ink control. With the increased use of digital production, ink-zone setting has become an essential element of today’s print production.


The NewsWayX ink control will identify separations that arrive into the system, calculate ink coverage based on preset zones in a highly accurate manner, apply any curves that are required, and pass the data to the press control system. The application supports the industry standard CIP3 format as well as several other different proprietary interfaces.


ProImage’s NewsWayX ink control can operate as a stand-alone solution or can be an integral part of the NewsWayX suite of workflow management applications. Running on the web-based platform, it provides users with all the productivity advantages of the NewsWayX of controlling workflow.


Designed from the ground up to be web compatible, the NewsWayX servers work as Internet servers allowing users to log in from anywhere within the network over a simple web browser interface.


The NewsWayX ink control is very flexible and simple to set up using its easy-to-use, very accessible setup screens. This allows for easy press upgrades and support for multiple presses from a single NewsWayX system.


With NewsWayX ink control, savings can be significant; and you can also save time through shorter good copy time. All pages are available for browser-based viewing at the press console. Moreover, where a press does not have an automatic ink-zone setting capability, the NewsWayX ink control will produce printouts or on-screen tabular ink values to aid in manual ink setting.


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