OnColor Lite helps you to maximize print quality while significantly reducing ink usage and production cost.

Today’s challenge in a newspaper environment is automating the imaging process, where images arrive from
different sources with large variations in quality and consistency. Proimage OnColor LITE meets that challenge, offering you an intelligent, production minded solution to guarantee that you can consistently publish the highest quality images.


How it Works

Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology automatically analyses tonal color and spatial characteristics in every image, then calculates and applies the necessary corrections for optimum reproduction.


Main Benefits

  • ProImage OnColor LITE eliminates the need to sort images before processing.
  • Multi-script processing for any image.
  • Professional color conversion, JPEG compression adjustment, descreening
    resolution enhancement, and noise reduction.
  • Users AppleScripts for better workflow flexibility and integration.
  • Integrates seamlessly into operator-controlled, semi-automatic, or fully automated workflows.
  • Automation capabilities include XML command from page make-up systems to further automate the whole quality process.
  • Retrieves and saves in a variety of file formats.
  • Easy to use “Compare“ feature lets you Approve or Reject the processed image.
  • Interactive edit allows operators to make any final correction they may wish to as an integral part of ProImage OnColor LITE, while comparing the result with the original image.
  • PDF options allows automatic enhancement of all images inside a PDF file.