OnColor - Automatic, Intelligent Image Processing

OnColor - Automatic, Intelligent Image Processing

ProImage OnColor software maximizes speed of color image processing while ensuring high-quality reproduction, tuned to each printing press.

OnColor automates, simplifies and enhances the processing of color images so that high quality and consistency is continually achieved, whatever the volume. The software has the intelligence to improve images, while speeding throughput to help meet deadlines. This is especially important as newspapers are constantly being asked to produce more color, without being given additional time to do so.

OnColor features include a multi-dimensional technology that automatically analyzes tonal, color and spatial characteristics in every image, then calculates and applies the necessary corrections for optimum reproduction; the ability to automatically enhance all images within a PDF file and to receive and save in a wide variety of formats.

There is no need to pre-sort, predefine, or pre-batch images. ProImage OnColor has the intelligence to remove this labor intensive work, and its speed of processing beats any batch-processing program currently on the market.


Main Benefits

  • ProImage OnColor eliminates the need to sort images before processing.
  • Professional color conversion, JPEG compression adjustment, descreening resolution enhancement, and noise reduction.
  • Multi-script processing for any image.
  • Users AppleScripts for better workflow flexibility and integration Integrates seamlessly into operator-controlled, semi-automatic, or fully automated workflows.
  • Automation capabilities include XML command from page make-up systems to further automate the whole quality process.
  • Retrieves and saves in a variety of file formats.
  • Easy to use “Compare“ feature lets you Approve or Reject the processed image.
  • Interactive edit allows operators to make any final correction they may wish to as an integral part of ProImage OnColor, while comparing the result with the original image.
  • PDF options allows automatic enhancement of all images inside a PDF file.
Success Stories

Sanomalehti Karjalainen Oy in Finland has implemented OnColor and OnColor ECO software.