Eversify - Content Delivery Evolution

Bringing the news to mobile devices is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. ProImage makes it easy. Eversify, a cloud-based content delivery solution lets you publish newspaper content automatically on a wide variety of tablets and smart phones.


With ProImage Eversify we’ve put our workflow automation experience to work to bring you a system that automatically gathers content, formats it for multiple devices, updates content, and lets you edit and publish—all while maintaining the look and feel of your brand. Best of all, you can do all of the above with minimal investment.


How it Works

Content is captured or delivered from any content system in use today at the publication – be it Editorial or Web – by the Eversify's server. The data is analyzed and automatically processed through ProImage’s intelligent content mapping and template technology to produce an issue that is ready to preview and edit if necessary.

The final publication is delivered to any hosting environment to be accessed by the complementary branded reader application. Within the App, that also supports dynamic content, the reader then accesses a highly interactive and robust reading experience.


Cutting Edge with HTML5

Eversify uses HTML5, which allows clear separation of style from content and delivers a powerful presentation in the form of sophisticated image handling, audio and video animation.


Using HTML 5 allows you to embed multimedia content at any stage of content creation, in contrast to enhanced PDF replica which requires you to add multimedia content only after an issue is closed for print, and uploaded to the app provider’s content management system (CMS).


Furthermore, embedded JavaScript in HTML 5 allows search, bookmarks, and access to other online links such as Facebook, Twitter, and other publisher-specific functionality. 


Absolute Automation

With Eversify, data is analyzed and automatically processed through ProImages’ intelligent content mapping and template technology producing an issue based on your desired publishing schedule for multiple devices.


The Eversify cloud-based server puts common tasks at your fingertips. You can preview issues modify content and preview for approval .You will also be able to see exactly how the content will appear on all targeted devices.


Flexible Connectivity

We understand workflow complexities and we understand that publishers cannot always have the latest systems. That’s why we designed Eversify with unlimited flexibility. This means it is compatible with multiple data sources. It can be configured to work with whatever you have available it eliminates the need for costly technology upgrades.


Unique Versatility

Eversify uses the newspaper’s existing methods for content creation – both print and on-line – so minimal additional effort is required to create mobile editions.

No other mobile publishing solution provides absolute automation of content and layout for all mobile devices simultaneously. Eversify does it with the ease and security of ProImages’ cloud computing.


Reader Experience

Eversify provides your audience with an unsurpassed reading experience. This includes such features as:

  • Integration with social media such as Facebook and Twitter allows your readers to promote your brand.
  • Complete issue searching allows readers to quickly locate content of interest via keywords.
  • Clear navigation information allows readers to easily navigate their way through your content.
  • Connection to live content allows you to provide your readers with up to date information.

The bottom line—a rich experience that will generate interest and leave readers wanting more.

Brand Integrity

Automation doesn’t have to mean identity loss. With Eversify you can maintain every element of your brand that makes it unique—logos, fonts and color schemes, as well as layout and design.

Your mobile apps will reinforce name recognition and position your brand as innovative.


Increased Revenue

Attract new digital readers or bundle digital with traditional print. Offer advertisers attractive digital advertising or print combination packages. The end result—a steady stream of new revenue opportunities.


Cost Effective
With Eversify all you need is a Web browser. There’s no need for costly investment in new equipment or infrastructure. With Eversify you will not need to add people in order to create or manage your mobile content. The entire process is automated.


Proven Reliability

When developing Eversify, we drew from our broad experience with cloud-based solution infrastructures for color saving applications. This includes extensive experience working with sensitive and secure data. ProImage also incorporated its proven ICS expertise in print workflow automation. So your mobile editions are in safe hands.


Expert Services

With ProImage you get more than technology. You get the expertise of an organization that has a proven record of bringing innovation to newspaper publishing. Our consultative and educational services are designed to keep your operation productive and profitable.
 Ask our customers. Eversify Expert Services include content capture, integration, monetization to app stores, template designs, and more…




Eversify, the cloud-based solution enables content automatic delivery from any content management system to a wide variety of tablet PCs and smart phones. The content is analyzed and automatically processed through ProImage's intelligent content mapping and template technology to produce an edition that is ready to preview and , if necessary, edit.