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OnColor ECO is an ink optimization application that reduces ink consumption on offset presses, while maintaining the highest possible print quality.


Reduce ink costs… OnColor ECO automatically analyses PDF files and determines the exact amount of ink needed to produce the best quality, resulting in a perfect output, using less ink.


Automatically converts pages to the right color space... Regardless of whether objects are RGB or CMYK, OnColor ECO, automatically converts pages containing both pixel and vector data dynamically to the right color space, while preserving the original color appearance.


Intelligently recognizes non-ICC based CMYK source color spaces…

By using SISR unique algorithm, it ensures a close match between the Output and the intended Source Space even when it is unknown.


Main Benefits

  • Easy-to-use sliders allowing additional fine tuning without having to make new profiles.
  • Normalizes all color content in both graphics and text (User configurable).
  • Protects Pure Colors, Spot Colors and Grey Control Bar.
Success Stories

Sanomalehti Karjalainen Oy in Finland has implemented OnColor and OnColor ECO software


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