Sorter - the easy way to define and control plate sorting

NewsWay 2012 provides an advanced user interface to define the plate sorting devices as well as different sorting strategies.


NewsWay manages the priorities of the plate production and also interfaces with Press Management Systems. This enables NewsWay to provide the best optimization for plate sorting and production priorities.


Main Features
  • Sorter Physical definition
  • Press-Sorter assignment
  • Plate output order strategies
  • Full overview of the sorting process


Display of the current and upcoming production runs assignments to bins and their progress, in a single view.

A graphical representation of cylinders and a sorter, allowing you to easily assign bins to slots.

Easily release bins for output - automatic or manually.





NewsWay Plate Sorter now in action in Kempten, Germany


                                                Powering the manroland APL, NewsWay Plate Sorter automatically pre-sorts the

                                                plates before output in the required order for Allgäuer Zeitung's brand new MAN press.