NewsWay - Newspaper and Magazine Production Workflow

NewsWay, a Newspaper and Magazine Production Workflow system, controls and manages your  production workflow from a variety of front-end systems through to output. Because it uses a web browser, NewsWay will monitor production status from origination to print sites, regardless of their location.


Highly Modular

The NewsWay solution is packaged as a core product with multiple add-on modules.

  • The building-block approach permits various combinations of tools and services to be configured in order to address specific customer requirements.
  • Additional modules can be added at any time as additional functions are needed.



Modular NewsWay software controls and manages the production workflow from a variety of front-end systems through to output.



User Access

  • Browser based
  • Two levels of user security
  • Multiple user access


Edition Planning

NewsWay Edition planning enables an edition to be fully planned manually or the plan can be imported from the Editorial system or a previous plan can be imported as a template.

  • Supports multiple products
  • Supports multiple editions of the same product
  • Spot Color support
  • Fly Sheet support


Edition and Production Tracking

  • Easy-to-follow graphical edition views
  • Multi-color status indication for each page BirdEye / Thumbnail / Page /Separation / File views are available.
  • Plate State View



NewsWay supports the following impositions as options:

  • Broadsheet
  • Tabloid (2 tabloid pages on single plate)
  • 2 UP (2 broadsheet pages on a panorama plate)
  • 4 UP (4 tabloid pages on a panorama plate)
  • 3 Up and 6 Up
  • More than one imposition scheme can be used in a single multi section product. A center section can be tabloid whilst the outside section is a broadsheet.
  • Multiple templates can be defined for the same imposition scheme. For instance two broadsheet impositions, with different offset / plate sizes /resolutions can co-exist in the system.



  • Supports different naming conventions
  • Naming profiles are defined using a Naming Wizard


Page Pairing

Page elements such as ads, folios and editorial can either be merged together at the Editorial site once all the elements become available and then sent to the print sites as full pages where NewsWay will automatically page pair based on the configuration selected in the planner.


Text Burning

  • Broadsheet
  • Text burning can be defined for different impositions.
  • The available variable or static text burning options are:
    • Page number Section
    • Edition Product
    • Date Output time
    • Any fixed text and date


Plate Furniture

  • NewsWay supports Furniture in Tiff and PDF formats
  • Different furniture can be defined for different configurations
  • Unique pages in the configuration can be assigned different furniture


Main Benefits

  • Using a simple Web browser, NewsWay monitors production status, both at origination and print sites, irrespective of location.
  • Supports IFRA Track, JDF (Job Definition Format), ICC profiles, PDF as well as Bitmap workflow, imposition and page pairing.
  • Easily integrates with plate scanners and press control systems, providing one cost-effective integrated end-to-end production solution.



Bird-eye View                                              Section View

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