NewsWay Lite - Newspaper and Magazine Production Workflow

NewsWay Lite is a web server -based client/server application. It is simple to set-up and administer, and provides comprehensive production capabilities for newspaper and orignizations with less demanding requirements.


User Access

  • Browser based
  • Two levels of user security
  • Multiple user access
  • 5 Client License


Edition Planning

  • Supports multiple products
  • Supports multiple editions of the same product
  • Spot Color support
  • Fly Sheet support


Edition Tracking

  • Easy-to-follow graphical edition views
  • Multi-color status indication for each page BirdEye / Thumbnail / Page /Separation / File views are available.
  • Plate State View



  • Supports different naming conventions
  • Naming profiles are defined using a Naming Wizard



NewsWay Lite supports the following impositions as options:

  • Broadsheet
  • Tabloid (2 tabloid pages on single plate)
  • 2 UP (2 broadsheet pages on a panorama plate)
  • 4 UP (4 tabloid pages on a panorama plate)
  • More than one imposition scheme can be used in a single multi section product. A center section can be tabloid whilst the outside section is a broadsheet.
  • Multiple templates can be defined for the same imposition scheme. For instance two broadsheet impositions, with different offset / plate sizes /resolutions can co-exist in the system.


Page Pairing

 Automatic page pairing based on the configuration selected in the planner.



  • A Wizard is provided, to define input folders.
  • NewsWay Lite is equipped with a local HotFolder that can listen to multiple directories.



NewsWay Lite can output to two folder simultaneously.


Plate Furniture

  • NewsWay Lite supports Furniture in Tiff and PDF formats
  • Different furniture can be defined for different configurations
  • Unique pages in the configuration can be assigned different furniture


Text Burning

  • Text burning can be defined for different impositions.
  • The available variable or static text burning options are:
  • Page number Section
  • Edition Product
  • Date Output time
  • Any fixed text and date


Success Stories

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