What if anyone could verify the authenticity of a design or product? Counterfeiters flooding the market with fake creations would no longer stand a chance. Arziro Authenticate offers you exactly that. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables distributors, retailers and consumers to verify the genuineness of an item.

Arziro Authenticate, which is shipped with Arziro Design (Plus), generates secure, copy-proof QR+ codes that can be printed directly on a counterfeit-sensitive product. With a simple scan using their smartphones, users can verify whether the item is authentic.

But the tool doesn’t just create unique codes that stop even the best forgers. It also connects products to the internet, thus driving customer engagement and enabling Track-and-Trace functionalities. Moreover, it gives brand owners access to vital market information for future business strategies.



Key Benefits


  • Protects customer trust, brand reputation, and sales revenue by thwarting forgery.


  • Collects data about grey market activities, product substitution, and consumer behavior.


  • Drives customer engagement and allows of tailor-made, one-to-one user interaction.


  • Supports Track and Trace for pedigree purposes


  • Can be integrated into Agfa Graphics’ general security printing ecosystem and existing production methods.


  • Offers support for NFC tags as a separate or additional security layer.








Hybrid authentication

As they contain an additional, copy-proof graphic, hybrid QR+ codes created by Arziro Authenticate are virtually impossible to counterfeit. Distributors, retailers, inspectors and customers can simply scan these codes with the Arziro Authenticate smartphone application. They will then receive immediate, real-time feedback on the authenticity of the scanned item.

Two scanning applications

Authentication either happens through the consumer app Arziro QR+ or the business app Arziro Enterprise. The Arziro QR+ applications is free of charge and available via the iTunes and Android Play stores.

Consumers can download their (rebranded) app to scan classic QR codes, secure QR+ codes, and NFC tags. The Arziro Enterprise app is operated by professionals using an official login that grants them access to extra features, such as Track and Trace, print validation, reel management, professional inspection…

Valuable market information

With every scan, Arziro Authenticate collects data that allows brand owners to understand consumer preferences, find the origin of grey market diversion, and locate counterfeit insertions. These analytics offer valuable market insights to take action against forgers and adapt sales strategies, for example. Moreover, Arziro Authenticate can use consumer data to show product or document related content to each individual scanner.

Integrable, secure software technology

Arziro Authenticate is a SaaS hosted by Agfa Graphics’ private and secure cloud, thus relying on the same hosting technology that Agfa HealthCare has been using to store confidential medical information for years now. As such, it guarantees tight security and backups of all information.

The solution comes with Arziro Design (Plus) and easily integrates with the Arziro Production workflow software. Scanning results can be viewed online. Printers and brand owners have access to separate portals and thus to different types of data.