Arziro Production allows security printers to swiftly translate complex documents to high-quality plate output.



Arziro Production addresses the need for a user-friendly, first-rate prepress solution for the general security printing market. It builds on Agfa Graphics’ extensive security know-how and the successes of commercial solutions such as Apogee Prepress.

Allowing security printers to work with and generate output for complex documents, Arziro Production completes an entire Agfa general security ecosystem consisting of security design software with additional design modules, and an innovative authentication tool. Together, these software solutions aim to make the job of counterfeiters as tough as possible.




Key Benefits


  • Highly specialized prepress software for the general security printing market.


  •  Allows security printers to decrypt or unlock Arziro Authenticate codes, even in an internetless production environment.


  • Can be integrated into the entire Agfa anti-counterfeiting ecosystem.





Complexity to plate

Arziro Production allows general security printers to work with complex documents, create reliable proofs, and generate security design output. After decrypting the authentication codes, Arziro Production efficiently organizes workflows and delivers high-resolution output.

Closing the Agfa security circle

Arziro Production completes an entire Agfa security ecosystem and creates a perfect, end-to-end workflow. It adds to the software solutions Arziro Design (Plus), Arziro Anti-Copy, and Arziro Authenticate to offer the general security printing market a complete, all-round solution to protect brands from counterfeiters.