Security Graphic Design using Plug-In for Adobe Illustrator

With the Special Reliefs tool, relief designs based on a line or object and an image template can be created. This tool generates beautiful relief backgrounds in no time. The security aspect in these designs lies in the very fine relief lines that follow the luminance of the template image. Very fine strokes enhance the security aspect of your designs.




The Crystal Patterns tool develops beautiful decorative patterns consisting of repeating shapes, based on crystal types appearing in nature. Fine strokes and small objects make copying a problem.


The Path Definition module generates complex backgrounds with a continuously varying shape and position of one or more objects. The objects can be repeated either on a constructed path or on a path defined by parameters.

Because of the very complex nature of a background created with Path Definition, reproduction of the design is virtually impossible.


With the Line/Object Generator tool patterns can quickly be generated and automatically fill selected objects with these patterns.


This tool is typically used to create latent image designs, each of which filled with the same pattern at a different angle so that the individual objects are difficult to distinguish.


The Guilloche Library is used to create copies of pre-defined guilloches, which are repetitive patterns with very fine detail.


Multiply is a repetition tool to quickly create complex object patterns consisting of large numbers of repetitions based on a single object or several objects as a whole.


The Opposite Ink Selector is a color scheme exploration utility, but was not used to create the package design, as there was only one spot color available. This utility tool is used to create color schemes that are difficult to reproduce because the colors are out-of-gamut or completely opposite. The system will search the closest match for these colors in a specified Adobe Illustrator color book.


The goal of Arziro Design is to push the limits of creativity and design making it as difficult as possible to replicate the design.  The time and cost for the counterfeiter to replicate the design will make it too difficult and too expensive; therefore, the criminal will hesitate to attack the brand.  The goal of Arziro Design is to make the job of a counterfeiter as difficult and miserable as possible!