Digital Counterfeit Protection Software for high-end Security Printers

What is :Fortuna?

:Fortuna is a digital design and assembly security software for high-end security printers.


:Fortuna protects products in specific and unique ways while providing complete and harmonious security designs, making it difficult for even the experienced eye to detect all security elements.


:Fortuna offers you all the tools you need for the design, assembly, editing and previewing of very complex security designs.


:Fortuna not only offers you a wide range of modules to provide your security designs with all the security elements you need, it also allows you to execute the entire design and assembly on the same system.



Three Security Verification Levels

To reach the highest level of security for your product, :Fortuna offers modules which can be detected on three different levels - you should use a mixture of these modules.



For more information about which module is used for each security verification level, please contact us,

or  Request a Brochure.


Highly Modular

The :Fortuna solution is based on the very powerful :Fortuna Core design and assembly module. It offers a completely modular approach and gives each market, each user the possibility to create their own :Fortuna, based on needs and market requirements.

:Fortuna offers a range of 29 different modules - below is a description of a few of them.


Guilloche Generator Module

The guilloche generator module perfectly replaces mechanical lathes. The use of the module will be intuitive for mechanical lathe operators and quickly learned by new operators because the intelligent user interface is fully interactive and assists the operator in the design process.

For the novice user, we also provide a Library where basic guilloches can be loaded and adapted.




Variable Line Width Generator Module

The variable line width module offers the possibility to define a continuously varying stroke width on a selection of line art objects.

These objects are either made in :Fortuna or are imported from other design packages.

A selection of predefined variation types is provided.




Special Raster Module

The special rasters gives you the possibility of generating interference patterns. This module allows you to create thousands of small objects that are easily handled (thus based on other objects or images).




Line generation– Latent image Module

In security designs, sets of parallel lines are frequently used for various purposes: latent images generation, relief a line raster patterns, or simply to fill a white line guilloche. Line patterns set at any desired angle, line distance and line width are generated automatically.




Special Warp Grids Module

In security documents, for anti-copy purposes, part of the design is often mapped onto a special deformation, such as bump, sphere or a cone. This module offers the user a number of such transformation tools.




Main Benefits 


Cut Costs

As :Fortuna enables you to do the complete security design in-house, high outsourcing costs will be cut down and a higher level of security will be achieved as you take control.


Save Time

:Fortuna is a software which replaces the old labor intensive, mechanical pattern generation devices. The digital system now goes far beyond the limitations imposed by these devices. The easy calculation and combination of a lot of parameters saves the designer a lot of time, which he can instead spend on implementing more security:.


Boost Quality

As :Fortuna puts the security level in the hands of the designer, he will be able to create a perfect combination of aesthetics and security. The endless design combination possibilities, will boost the level of your design as well as the level of your security.





Passports, driver licenses, IDs, stamps, lottery tickets and more 

Banks and Financial Institutes 

Cheques, certificates, bonds, shares and more 

Privately Held Institutes 

Breeder documents, various certificates and more 

Higher Education Institutes 

Degree certificates 

Arziro Design 


Coupons, various tickets and more 


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