NewsWayX RIP - Fast, true PostScript/PDF rendering


ProImage’s NWRIPs are based on powerful Harlequin® RIP engines with all the added benefits of the NewsWayX platform. Operating using the NewsWayX easy-to-use GUI, ProImage has licensed the Harlequin® RIP engine to bring you a classic RIP for newspaper and commercial applications. NewsWayX RIP is fully compatible with both Postscript and PDF. Implementation of the RIP provides publishers with a choice of features like InRIP Trapping, Color Management and Screening options such as Harlequin Disperesed Screening (HDS),Harlequin Precision Screening (HPS) and Harlequin Cross-modulatedScreening™ (HXM).


NewsWayX Integration

By integrating the RIP, NewsWayX controls the input and output of files directly. NewsWayX natively knows all states of input, processing and output of files allowing seamless control of the ripping processes. This enhances throughput as there is no longer need for multiple file writes, file stabilization timeouts and improves automation as Page Setup selected is no longer directory based but handled by the NewsWayX system.


The NewsWayX RIP supports a wide variety of input file formats:

  • PDF (including ISO 32000-1)
  • XPS
  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • Processing & validation of PDF/X-1a:2001 & 2003; PDF/X-3:2002 & 2003; PDF/X-4 & 4p 2008 & 2010; PDF/5g & 5pg 2008 & 2010
  • Processing & validation of PDF/VT-1 & PDF/VT-2


More Efficient Output with Soft Viewing

The HTML5 based NewsWayX GUI can be used to control the RIP from any client in the network. NewsWayX will automatically generate previews of all RIPped files, enabling users to view any processed file without having to wait.


Load-balancing and Clustering

The application’s load-balancing and clustering features also make it easy to build “RIP Farms”, where a number of RIPs running on different hardware may be controlled and managed from a single GUI, to then be used in the most efficient way. Moreover, this feature allows sharing RIPs through a single input queue as well as load sharing of imaging devices.


At the output stage, the NewsWayX imaging server interfaces with most known CTP Devices from AGFA, Kodak, Krause, Fuji and many others. NWRIP properties are easily managed via "naming rules", making it very simple to dynamically pass parameters to it.



Main Benefits

  • A variety of screening capabilities that include AM, FM and Hybrid Screening
  • PDF standards support that include all current formats
  • Easy Load Balancing of multiple RIPs and on-the-fly view generation
  • Increased optimization for PDF files with live transparency


NewsWayX Main Features and Benefits